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Suzy Shackleton

Felt Artist

Suzy Shackleton is an award winning felt artist who creates contemporary, vibrant wall hangings using traditional felt making techniques. Each piece is hand rolled and wet felted using inlays and needle felting.  She sees the wool as her palette, layering the fibres to gradually build up depth and tone. She loves exciting textures, bold designs and compositions that tell a story, but most of all she is inspired by colour.  Suzy sells her work in galleries around the country, from her own studio and through her website.

To see more of Suzy’s work visit...

Suzy Shackleton Felt Art Gallery, The Tower House, Tower Hill, Rainow, Macclesfield, Cheshire. SK10 5TX (Call or email to make an appointment)



facebook: @suzyshackletonartist

Tel: 07947 003115