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Simon Denvers is a designer/maker of contemporary home wares, wall art, clocks and jewellery.  From his small workshop in Glossop, he designs and makes all his products from start to finish.  

With a strong mathematical and scientific background, which frequently shows through in his work, Simon mixes hand drawn designs with algorithmic design, where objects are "grown" inside a 3D design package.  He mainly works in wood veneered boards and card, sometimes layering laser cut 2D objects together to create 3 dimensional pieces.  

Everything Simon produces has been cut or engraved in his workshop, or built on his 3D printer, then hand finished.  Visitors are welcome - please go to Simon’s website, where you can live chat with him to arrange a time, or send an email.

Denvers Designs
Unit 11 Lambert House
Brook Street
Glossop SK13 8BG

Tel: 07767 767648

Insta / Fb / Tw:  @SimonDenvers

Simon Denvers