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Jenny Rothwell

Jenny lives and works in the High Peak where she creates unique and original pieces of jewellery. Each piece is a "one off" design.

She mainly works in silver and sea glass. The sea glass is hand gathered by her and friends from British beaches and worked with silver to give beautiful pieces of jewellery with a "marine" feel.

The inspiration from her work comes from the natural world and particularly the Cornish coastline where she likes to spend as much time as she can. The sea glass in her work has been worn beautifully smooth by many years of wave action and comes in many subtle colours. Some pieces are quite rare and all have a hidden history. She likes to think of the secrets that her pieces hold. Each piece of English sea glass is like a tiny gemstone, she only uses the highest quality sea glass in her work. Many of her pieces have little stacks of glass similar to the rock "cairns" to be found on our Derbyshire hills. In this way she combines the beauty of my favourite places.

Jenny also works with  hand-dyed anodised aluminium to create bright and vibrantly coloured pieces, which have a more casual feel than her other work.

She is a busy mum of two lovely children, enjoys the outdoor life, camping, cycling and walking as well as spending time with her friends and family.

Tel: 01663 741338


Link to Jenny’s Etsy Shop: Etsy Shop

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